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Prima Ekuiti (UK) Limited Annual Investment Challenge

Please see below for the winners of 2019!

Congratulations to all our winners & thank you to everyone who participated.

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Our Investment Challenge is designed to allow students to build a better appreciation for the investment industry and provides an opportunity for participants to enhance various competencies.


Prima Ekuiti (UK) Limited will again be organising its annual Investment Challenge in partnership with MACFIS. As before, the competition requires group participants to select a company from the UK FTSE 250 Index, undertake comprehensive analysis on the company and industry, and provide a recommendation on the stock of the company on its valuation. Each team will have access to our investment team for guidance throughout the process.

Please see below for further details:

Eligibility: Undergraduate students in the UK

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All participants will receive a certificate and a consolation prize for the 4th & 5th place. 


Participants shall adhere to the following:

  1. Participants are to form a team, consisting of 3-4 people.

  2. Teams will be required to submit an investment proposal of a company in the UK FTSE 250 Index.

  3. The investment proposal should include, but not limited to the following aspects:

    • Introduction of the Company

    • Macroeconomic Developments and Outlook - with relation to the company's industry sector

    • Industry Analysis - show a clear understanding of forces relevant to the sector, including its peers, substitutes, profit and cost drivers.

    • Company-specific Analysis - including financial statement analysis and comparative advantage

    • Peer Comparison of other companies in the industry

    • Valuation of the stock

    • Final Recommendation of Stock - either BUY or SELL

  4. Reports shall be submitted to Prima Ekuiti (UK) Limited for assessment, via email to

  5. Top 5 teams will be invited to present their research in the final round.

Submission Deadline:

Submission deadline has now been extended to 8 February 2019! Good luck!

Investment Challenge 2018 Winners

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