Prima Ekuiti

A trusted partner in your quest for growth

At Prima Ekuiti (UK) Limited, asset management is our primary business and our goals are completely aligned with our shareholder as well as investor – the creation of long-term value. 

We are a long-only asset management company, presently offer three equity funds namely UK Equity Fund, Euro Equity Fund & Absolute Return Fund. Our investment approach is based on our quest for superior long-term returns. Given the inefficiency of capital markets, that superior long-term returns are achieved by an active investing approach driven by fundamental research and conviction. Country and sector analysis serve as an important backdrop to company research, though allocations are primarily driven by conviction and will vary within established risk tolerances.

Practising this philosophy steadfastly has proved to be effective as the UK Fund and Euro Fund continue to perform admirably. Since inception, the UK Fund has outperformed its benchmark by 19.8% while the Euro Fund outperformed by 27.0% as at end 2018. 

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UK: TWRR Since Inception, %

UK: TWRR Year-To-Date, %


EU: TWRR Year-to-date, %

Since its establishment, Prima Ekuiti (UK) Limited has also repatriated more than £140 million to its client. Moving forward, the establishment strives to maintain a Return-on-Investment of above 4% for its two equity funds.