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Internship Programme

Due to high demand, we have increased our internship intake per year to 6 slots for 2019 onwards!

At Prima Ekuiti, we offer a 20 day internship programme for students. There are 6 slots throughout the year for students to apply; Easter, Early Summer & Late Summer. However, if our dates are inconvenient to accepted applicants, we are open to discuss alternative periods.

Interns will be given two research tasks throughout the programme. In the first week, you will be tasked to research a specific macro topic and present their findings. In the remaining weeks of the programme, interns will be given a company to evaluate and present their recommendation on the stock. This will require the intern to cover the company from all perspectives, including undertaking geographical and sector analysis, peer reviews as well as requiring the intern to build a thorough understanding of the company. Unlike many other internships, we give you real work! You will get the full analyst experience with direct access to our investment team & research brokers!


Below are some of the feedback received from previous interns.

‘It is a well-structured internship programme, allowing one to develop skills in terms of mirco & macro-analysis. Good insight into asset management'

'Good team, good mentor, good culture’

’Research on new macroeconomics & sector were given; made my learning progress more exciting'

'Approachable and friendly team: the whole team were really resourceful throughout my internship’

Lastly, at Prima Ekuiti, we appreciate student's need to focus on their studies. As such, we try our best to cater internship periods which are less disruptive to their studies. Please see below for tentative internship periods for 2019. 

Internship slots are usually applied well in advance and are usually taken up months ahead. On that note, we look forward to your applications!

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Internships for 2019

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Applying for internships for 2019

As mentioned above, we try our best to accommodate interns preferred time slot. With this in mind, we recommend students apply as early as possible, as accepted applicants will have the opportunity to choose their preferred internship slot for 2019.